Social Integration Confundions

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Well, obviously I’m failing to [properly integrate all the social networking tools at my disposal. It’s not a problem with being active on them, for they are a very pleasant and convenient area for leisure, communication and sharing thoughts and ideas…thoughts and ideas which properly belong on my own blog is what I’m thinking, then have things fan out from there. I do worry about getting too repetitious with the same things appearing to largely the same audience :/ It’s fun to post different things on different site where maybe not all who follow you there do other places and so on. Confundions Yo! lol ;>

But! Good new! I’m killing it with the music! :)
Aw yes, Dre Ovalle and I are doing really great things as Brown/Sugar Dj’s and apart. He is also becoming quite skilled at 3d mapping and is currently renting out some of his lighting as part of a special exhibit at Mysteryland USA.

We continue to do Sunday House Social every Sunday (outdoors when the weather permits) at the lovely and hospitable Trenton Social in Trenton New Jersey on Pine Street.

Still on Burst Radio Detroit – playing live (click on chat cam link and join the room) from the Labor of Love studios every Tuesday 8pm-10pm ET (New York time)

Wednesdays hear Brown/Sugar Bumps! 13noon till 2pm on EDM JAM Radio!

We will be performing a large block of time at Trenton’s famous Art All Night celebration this Summer…details to follow!

Please follow me on Facebook DjLindaLeigh and on Twitter DjLindaLeigh
instagram!!!! LINDA_LEIGH
Mixcloud is a great place to hear many of my sets….

and Brown/Sugar go to

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Jump a little higher!

by on Nov.15, 2014, under news

Yo! I'm feeling pretty jazzed right now :) Just had an awesome Brown/Sugar DJ's practice with Dre Ovalle tonight in my studio. Looks like we found the sweet spot in our partnership. He does what he does best, and I do what I do best, crossing every genre and somehow it all blends together in a melange of floor moving funkaliciousness and bass! We practiced 3x in the past week to get our sound tighter. Saturday night we play the main room at Rho Waterfront Complex in Trenton, NJ It's a HUGE room! very excited all we gotta do is what we did tonight, and we are good :) Rho111514 Our Sweet Second Saturday night at Red Sky Philly did Very well November 8th :) We are anticipating December 13th by really digging even deeper for you! RedSky-Sweet-2nd-Sats-Web I was going to start doing Fresh n' Funky Fourth Fridays this month, but it falls on Black Friday, sooooo - That will start December 28th at Red Sky at 224 Market St in Philly.
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Autumnal Acid, Tapestry of Terror and Much More!!!

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Hello Hello ! Today, October 25th, EDM JAM Radio will broadcast an exclusive mix I made for them :) It is a high energy romp with lots of good old I've named it Autumnal Acid. Here's the link to their site to listen... and, here's the playlist... Playlist for Linda Leigh -'Autumnal Acid' a mix made exclusively for EDM JAM RADIO Francis Inferno Orchestra - Ellingfort Road Jay Lumen - Femme Fatale Spencer Parker - Spacial (Answer Code Request Remix) Shaded Black - Run It (Currier Remix) Dave202 - Rage Layton Giordani - Keep On Porno Poltergeist - Machine Sex Andre Sobota - Lies Within The Junkies - Mis Cue Smok - Nameless Sergio Braun - Now For A Break Hugo, Comadisco - Blue Days feat. Comadisco Luca Ballerini - Variabile Zero Andre Crom & Chi Thanh - Mando Yoikol - Jateando Craig McWhinney - Untitled (re-dub) Frits Wentink - Frogs Toads And Newts Porno Poltergeist - Forbidden Pussy Beatamines, Pornbugs - Ride On (Vocals By Shawnecy) Oscar Barila - Raw Girlz (Andre Butano & Demian Muller Remix) Drvg Cvltvre - Here Come The Waterworx Dusty Kid - Generator 3000 (Original Mix) Dwarsdijk - Locked Groove Vakum - Introspektika Markus Homm - Take A Risk Pablo Marco - Farewell Dub ------------------- It is Fall, Autumn, Mabon...I love this time of year! I always get a really cool energy that's part spiritual part manic 😉 So much happening and that's good, 'cause a moving target is harder to hit, yo. Ok - 2nd Saturdays are Sweet Second Saturdays at Red Sky at 224 Market Street in Philadelphia with Brown/Sugar (Dre Ovalle & I) 4th Fridays are Funky 4th Fridays at Red Sky with me and special guests Tuesdays 8pm-10pm live mix show Technotic Tuesdays on monthly (date tbd monthly) at Trenton Buzz - Brown/Sugar 2-3 Sundays a month at the Trenton Social for Sunday House Social, with occasional Saturday nights there. other upcoming gigs - October 26th - Sunday House Social at The Trenton Social (NJ) October 31st - Tapestry of Terror kick off for Funky 4th Fridays at Red Sky 224 Market St in Philly November 2nd - Sunday House Social at The Trenton Social (NJ) November 8th - Sweet Second Saturday at Red Sky - as Brown/Sugar November 15th - Rave at Rho (in Trenton, nj) as Brown/Sugar Nov 29th - There's No School like the Old School - Philly- playing as Linda Leigh
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More Better Different?

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An old phrase of mine is "More Better Different" It started out as a response to Rob asking me what I wanted to eat. Now it comes in handy in all sorts of ways! Today i use it as a question. People always like more, so there's no problem there, and better is always very nice. But different? Thee are pockets of people who like different, know how to flow with that. But for the masses, something different is always regarded suspiciously until it has been sanctioned as acceptably approved by a large majority. This construct can also be used to explain a number of things. Like music. I read something somewhere the other day that explained how different sounds/frequencies in certain songs trigger our happy place and that's why we hold on to them. They physically can make them happy. After that, I felt more understanding of the majority of people that want to hear the same music they hear all the time, out in a club. It doesn't mean that I enjoy playing much of that music, and for that matter, any song over and over and, if I could stand it I'd be a wedding/bar mitvah dj then and really be raking in the bucks! Staying a course, being known for that style, that long can you play out that string? If it's a multi faceted one with a vibrant and loyal following, then that could be a long long time as you are more likely to feel able to move around and experiment a bit outside the box. House music comes to mind for this is a sound, a classic sound, a feeling good funky sound that moves people. If it's something like Techno...the focus narrows, and you must always be vigilant to changes in the nuances of the sound. The subtleties must be teased out and blended into a miasma of ecstasy. You see where I'm going with this. Now you have your club dj who is often an open format dj. The job is to rotate the different factions attending thru the dancefloor and then to the bars. It takes true skill to select and segue your way nimbly amongst dance genres all while keeping that floor in motion. I have some new opportunities in an area of Philadelphia with heavy foot traffic in a highly desired age bracket. Getting them to just step foot in the door is a challenge in itself, keeping them there is the goal. Let's see how it goes :) I'm willing and able to expand my playlist - I love seeing people happy and dancing, and love to see the club owner do well. This is real DJ werk, lol. Gonna blend some of what they like with some of what I like/they don't know they like it yet :)
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What, You Don’t Have a Zillion Followers?

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Ohhhhh baby oh baby! Before anything else, I'd like to announce my new streaming/download site for the mixes - Lots of new ones there plus some of the older faves :) I am now going to integrate my FaceBook feed on here since I make so many posts there! Yikes :) It's not that i forget about my 'blog' it's just that life is unfolding around so quickly, and the feed keeps scrolling, and drama ensues, and then, awwwww, look at this cute cat video! 😛 Also, since at this point. there's over 1,000 friends on my page and over 200 likes on my artists page, there's more of a reach (right now) for promotion. ----this is a post in progress, yes yes, I gotta play catch up :) end of r bar continue buzz continue social big liberty brown sugar burst edm jam dj expo
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You Better Work!

by on Jun.22, 2014, under news

You Better Work! You can only ever depend on yourself. Sometimes, people will help you and listen to you and when you work on something together you will get your just due. Sometimes not. You gotta accept this and not let it tear you apart or break you down. You have to keep at it, keep working, keep moving. Don't be angry or mad, you can be disappointed and can tell them so, privately. Don't air your dirty laundry in public forums or where others can hear you... you will be the one deemed unprofessional. Do what you have to do with them, get it done then move on :) My show biz/life advice for this week 😉
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Where to Re-Begin?

by on Jun.03, 2014, under news

Oh my :/ Things got very very busy for me quite suddenly, and this blog has become neglected! If I spent as much time on here as I do on FaceBook and Twitter schmoozing, etc, well, guess then I wouldn't be in this 'mess! lol :) Yes - there are plug-ins - and that will be done, including many new great things for my blog :) Very grateful for the very interesting and unique gigs that I've been getting to DJ at as myself and as the DJ team Brown/Sugar with my friend Dre Ovalle. We have been dong great, many times having 3 gigs a week! We have such a wide array of friends through out the area since Dre and I both cross many genre and scene boundaries. We really have no crew affiliations and we promote all great events :) Thusly, recent gigs have seen us playing for the after dinner/speech crowd at a political fundraiser, closing act for a Saturday night of great live bands at the infamous Grape Room in Philly, playing funky bass music in the crazy dj booth at Red Sky Philly, doing a back2back all vinyl 2 1/2 hour set at the second installment of an underground night at Trenton's best bar, The Trenton Social and doing a 2 hour dual Traktor set up (total 6 decks running) at Philadelphia's longest running free outdoor dj party, Hang Free That was all in the space of 2 weeks, plus I/we do the radio mix show every Tuesday night 8pm-10pm on :) ok, enough for now... going to to to write more often. oh...btw...I have had a terrible time with many electronics lately - i fried my mac, one cdj is in the shop because the cat knocked it over, and my once glorious phone is a and oi --- sometimes you are at the top of the roll and sometimes you start to get dragged under the boulder...just gotta let go and fight back. It sucks yea, but I have my records and one cdj, so ok then, i'll manage for a bit.
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Something or Someone to do?

by on Mar.12, 2014, under news

Have something or someone to do? Then listen to this --- Loud,proud & Freakafied awwwwwww yeahhhhh ;->
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A New Post About Many Things!

by on Mar.12, 2014, under news

Hahahahah - had to idea what to title this. Why do I find it so hard to update this site even close to the amount of info, etc that I post on Social Media - such as FaceBook ( and Twitter ( - hmmmmm - probably it's the large amount of interaction that occurs with those posts. But, in the long run, it all becomes just part of one, continuous scrolling feed of media...everything and everyone getting jumbled in the same pot - subject to the whims of the wild web. A personal site/blog can be a lot more 'stable' than that. It can be a refuge, a place of deeper reflection ad understanding. And, if maintained even somewhat properly, becomes part of history and knowledge for the ages. Another wave is rolling thru the electronic music scene. This one is composed of a very young (14/15) to around 25-28ish crowd - the music is a mash of styles, with an abundance of attitude and energy Lots of quick edits, lots of live acts, etc. Dre and I are starting a new night - this time it is a weekly. Starting off on Thursdays, in this very sweet back room of a college bar - it is very private, we bring in everything - lights, sound, and have at it :( The R Bar 23rd & Walnut is our new home. Stotle is our host ! Speaking of Stotle (of Local 13 fame) - he is planning a big big party for Philly - July 3rd - it's Big Liberty!!!! And, speaking of big parties - oh my - Dre and I did a party 0 the space was very nice and we expected about 500-600 people - we had an amazing line up, professional fliers designed and printed - promoted like crazy - had decor, snacks, everything - the night before, owner says there's a problem, ne3xt day, still a no, so a friend came thru and we were able to move the party to Ulana's (Thank you Ulana!) It went well, and people really praised it, saying it was one of the best and couldn't believe how good it would have been at the original spot (which was 18 plus - and unfortunately Ulanas is 21 and up) sigh.... But we did it - and it was a great 'Experience' 😉 What else - hmmm well, Dre and I play a few times a month on Sundays at The Trenton Social - a foody arty place with a great bar, separate lounge area, guest chefs and art for sale. Then once a month we do a night at the BUZZ in Trenton - a very cool and quirky Euro style disco boite' with delicious food, lights, booth, dancefloor..we have a Lot of fun there! Then we have our separate one off gigs - Dre does a lot of Latin & Spanish parties as well. The show on Burst Radio Detroit continues on Tuesdays 7-9pm ET - but I'm thinking of making it later and on a different day..... All in all I have been playing a lot and often - many different kinds of venues and events - feels wonderful! Learning new tricks, trying new sounds, always trying to seduce that dancefloor to groove :) whew - ok, your all caught up - now go to mixcloud and mixcrate and listen to a few new mixes :) Classified-Ev-Week-Version-Yellow here's the front of The Winter Experience flier - thewinterexperience_FRONT (1)
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So Much! Music! Holidays! More Stuff!

by on Nov.13, 2013, under news

Hahahahahhaha.....ohmygoodness yes :) Happy Happy Joy Joy of the Season to you! What great news :) Dre Ovalle and I will be doing a party in Philly Jan 18th. A really nice event - we have a fantastic selection of local talent, great sound and lighting, vendors, an amazing & very sexy dance/performance team, drink specials for 21+, 18 plus to enter....more info soon! We continue doing a monthly at Trenton Buzz - this month, we do an Ugly Sweater Dance Party on December 21st with guest Dj's Rkaid & Dirty Human Every Sunday we (along with Tanase) are at The Trenton Social - a reallly great lounge, bar, art gallery - 6pm on till about 12 and, every Tuesday, listen online to my live mix show on Burst Radio Detroit, "Technotic Tuesdays" 7pm-9pm ET (NY time) Look out for the return of our Center City Philly monthly - we may be back to Fourth Fridays :)
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