This post isn’t 100% complete, but for the benefit of those who tuned in for my show on, here it is so far

On the show, “Spinthesis”, D.R.E.O. was my special guest dj for the first hour, then myself. This was 120 minutes continuous recorded live at Liberty Bar December 30th 2011

Whaaahooo  so, it’s 2012

damn, first time I wrote that! 2012

sounds cool

Soooo…for my 2 sets this weekend that bookended the holiday I brought along many of my top 120 tracks of the year that make up my Top 10 Resident Advisor list each month 🙂

Here’s what I ended up playing –

Friday Dec 3oth

Hardway Bros – The Flesh – Astrolab = A fantastic track that mixes really well with a Disco and Psy Trance elements that work reallly well!

Adam Port – Stalker = such love for this track! Creepy deep hypnotic coolness.

Jay Denham – Just Believe – Crate Savers Int = Complicated track, deep growling yet light hearted percussion keeps it friendly

Who Made Who – Every Minute Alone – Tale of Us remix – Life & Death = moody and oh so catchy

Sonny Fodora – Contact – Beatdown = fun jazzy funk

Umami – Conquer the Night – Burlesque = lolololol What’s not to love about this one! Listen & learn my friend!

Mollono Bass – Deep in the Forest – Acker = exotic deep chill mover with a lovely guitar 🙂

Budziillus – Der Untergang feat. Thatstrem (AKA AKA remix) – Burlesque Musique – zomg, such a perfect fun track that screams good time, baby! Horns, oh so Jazzzzy, love this track so much!

Tapesh – Yeah (Original Mix) – King Klong = a groovy deep yet accessible very sexy track that really gets the heat flowing 🙂

Homework Rally Racquet Club – Samin Remix – Made to Play = so much fun, funky, bouncy tech house with a bit of an urging male vox, ohhhwhooo!

Tiefschwarz feat Seth Troxler – Trust (Adam Port Remix) – Souvenir Music = I played the hell out of this one this year! So dark, so good!

the 2 bears – bear hug = lololololol


then later on…

Natalie Kills – Wonderland   = Such a great song & voice, love this indie pop drama 🙂

David Tort = Big and dramatic – borrows a bit of Energy Flash, a great opener or change up

Bocca Grande =

Lana Del Ray – Video Games = love love love so much!

Touch Me =

Piemont = This track is so good I top 1o listed it twice! Bouncy infectious Tech House/Minimal !

K_space =

Shining =

No one belongs here =

Thank You =

And then, on New Years Day – just a few blocks down the street from where the Mummers were performing in front of the judges, I played an all vocals party set 😀


yo, word up to all the new dj’s out there – welcome! Now that you can do it, explore the possibilities – enjoy the never ending quest for that perfect track (there are so many of them!), and savor the different flavors of environments and situations that you are asked to play in – be like a blade of grass, stand tall and proud but flex to the wind and flow.