Oh My Gosh!
So turns out I have to buy a MAC to run the upgraded version of Traktor – had to drop down to 2.0 :/ Then I’ll be able to run Ableton as well 😀
lol, I’m gonna have to start a Kickstarter fund to get this dog & pony show on the road 🙂
Planning on getting a Serato box as well – and a mobile system, in addition to upgrading my home studio – I need a new amp and speakers —- danggg!
But a coupla good gigs and I should be in the clear 🙂

In other news, Fall in in the air 🙂 It happened so quickly too :/
The Summer had the most crappy weather, sooooo much rain! 🙁
Rained on a few parties as well, cancelled some, ugh
and suddenly, it’s Fall.

Back to school time, Halloween creeping up….nice 🙂

I’ve been so deep into trying to figure out Windows systems and trying to streamline the operations that instead of seeking new music the past week which requires lot of concentration and time, I’m re-listening to a lot of my old playlists. Sorting out what sounds old and what’s still relevant, classic or futuristic…lol, found a few I didn’t recognize and was blown away. hahahah 🙂

So, heard any good Trap lately? 😉
I have – here’s a goody, check “Trap on Acid” by RL Grime

Liberty Bar is coming up, this Saturday the 22nd – having some good friends playing – we haven’t all played together in awhile – should be a lot of fun!
Stop by if you’re in Philly!