Oh My Gawd… I just had the set from hell a few hours ago!

Like a nightmare that wouldn’t stop and kept getting worse just when I thought it would get better…lolololol

At least I can kinda laugh about it, now :/

It all started when everyone kept saying, “oh, you have got to try Serato, you have to get yourself a box and use it, it is soooo good.” I saw a lot of my dj friends having great sets on it, and I myself was forced to use it twice and had decent sets both times. Switching out the Serato box for my Traktor box on gigs had become such a chore and hassle, so yes, I gave in and got one.  The first week it seemed fine. I analyzed the tracks, and practiced for several hours at home…it felt good and I liked it enough to give it a spin on my live radio show……beeeeeeeeeeeeeep……. big mistake, especially since the studio is in the old part of the house and is Freezing right now, so I set up a little sub studio in front of the fireplace on a little home sound system with the lappy, 2 cdj 400’s a Numark dm950usb 2 channel mixer and the Serato box. Prepping the tracks I had a strange thing happen with a few of the wave forms not showing up in the play area, but the preview form showed, and no sound….sometimes a track would load right and play, then the next time, not/ A friend who is very familiar with the system spent a good deal of time with me, and it looked to be ok….but, no 🙁  I was thinking earlier in the day that it might be a good idea to do a re-run since I was still getting over this blasted cold and my ears are all stuffy, but noooo, I wanted to play.

Ugh :/

The past coupla weeks I have been working very hard understanding the nitty gritty of Traktor and have really been enjoying it. Integrating it with vinyl is a joy.  But, you know me, gotta keep going, learning, trying new things…Now I see the need for a controller.  Sometimes, one finds oneself at a gig and you are lucky if there is a mixer…and that’s not even necessary, just give me a line into te sound system and we are good to go 🙂

I’ve tried a bunch recently. Mixtrack is very nice. I didn’t get the Pro model at first, big mistake, just spend the extra bucks, really. After getting burned with wonky setups a few times, I picked up a slightly used Hercules Console rmx. Used it at 2 gigs, did well at both but disliked the low headphone output and the jog wheels, so back it went. I wanted something classier, more professional looking…and one that really worked well with Traktor.

And now, the Native Instruments Kontrol  S2 is on its way 🙂 It’s the perfect size for me, so portable!

Before I sleep (the day has been oh so long) I would like to leave you with some advice.

First, and this has to do with file management…back it up!!! back  it up! Back it up!

second. back ups back ups back ups!!!

(oh I had back ups, and back ups upon back ups, that’s part of what made this particular episode so worthy of hilarity!)

Like I said, at least I can laugh about it, now :/