Spinthesis on TechnoHouse.fm July 1st & 8th is…
Techno Haze!
This is a 2 hour mix taken from one of the recent marathon Brown/Sugar Techno mixathons that Dre Ovalle and I did prior to our first officially billed booking as Brown/Sugar this past Saturday, June 29th in Philadelphia.
Here is the playlist with a who played what play by play 😉

intro—Neotropic – It’s Your Turn to Wash Up
Goodbye – Harvey McKay /Dre
M. Fukuda – Speed Wagon (Leghau Remix) /Dre
Terence Fixmer – A Journey To Uncharted Destinations /Dre
Truss – Hackney /Linda
Benjamin Damage – Delirium Tremens /Linda
Christian Smith – Rave Alert /Linda
Dataminions – Big (Alex Di Stefano Remix) /Linda
Frankyeffe – Lethal (Niereich Distortion Edit) /Linda
Par Grindvik, Billie (SE) – Hold, Doubt, Back /Dre
DJ Slater & Duca – Virada(Manuel De La Mare Remix) /Dre
Fusi & Johnson – Fusi & Johnson-Jackpot(Spektre remix) /Dre
NHB, Fabrizio Petorelli – Subterfuge /Dre
Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx – The Worm (The Hacker remix) /Linda
Blawan and Analouge Cops – The Berlin Experiment /Linda
Aumrec – Back Tamiabel /Linda
ROBERTO – Judah /Linda
Spektre – Lexicon Lost /Linda
Sasha Carassi – Framing Effect /Linda
Henry Saiz- Guy J Remix – They Came From The Light /Dre
DNYO – Fringe (Charlie May Remix) /Dre
Alan Fitzpatrick – 9 hours later (markus suckut redefinition 2) /Dre
Ben Sims – Slow Motion /Linda
Bas Mooy – Kneel/Linda
Karenn – Lime Wash (Barrelled) /Linda
Cirez D – Thunderstuck /Dre
Cirez D – Drums In The Deep /Dre
Kleber – Criminal Body /Dre
Piatto – Fuck The System /Dre
Gabeen – Psychoanalysis /Dre
Function – Psychic Warfare /Linda
Jack & The Ripper – Whores In Da House /Linda