Music is inherently an audio art-form.
Yes, it can be visualized in several ways,
but at its core, its essence,
and the way it is taken in, ie, enjoyed,
it is meant to be listened to.
When a dj is perusing music,
a close listen on headphones reveals many
subtleties that can only be discerned at
crisp high volumes or in headphone.
I’m quite concerned over this new breed of dj who
feels that headphones are mostly unnecessary.
They use waveforms and sync.
What happened to listening?
What happened to revealing those nuances in the tracks to your
audience through careful mixing and deep understanding
of the flow?
Does this go along with music being such a disposable
commodity – available anytime, anywhere, any track…
produced overnight, then forgotten about in a few weeks (or less) time?
Where’s the respect, how do you build your musical ear/knowledge
without close inspection and examination?
Where’s the flow? The story? The journey?

I think going to the early raves and getting deeply lost in
the vibey haze – holding on to that hi hat till it was
but an echo in my mind, feeling the intellibeams
channel the music through me 1,2,3,4…

Yes, I use waveforms nowadays (and yes, synch occasionally)
but my tracks have been lovingly perused closely in headphones
with a deep understanding of the key, the phrasing,
the structure, mood, etc…
I know what tiny sounds bubble through the tracks that
I can pull out, highlight and blend into the next track
to make a sound all its own and ride that for awhile.

Remember that you are a selector, an entertainer,
you create the vibe…
make it a thick one –
give them goosebumps 🙂