Hahahahah – had to idea what to title this.
Why do I find it so hard to update this site even close to the amount of info, etc that I post on Social Media – such as FaceBook (http://www.facebook.com/DjLindaLeigh) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/djlindaleigh) – hmmmmm – probably it’s the large amount of interaction that occurs with those posts. But, in the long run, it all becomes just part of one, continuous scrolling feed of media…everything and everyone getting jumbled in the same pot – subject to the whims of the wild web.

A personal site/blog can be a lot more ‘stable’ than that. It can be a refuge, a place of deeper reflection ad understanding. And, if maintained even somewhat properly, becomes part of history and knowledge for the ages.

Another wave is rolling thru the electronic music scene. This one is composed of a very young (14/15) to around 25-28ish crowd – the music is a mash of styles, with an abundance of attitude and energy Lots of quick edits, lots of live acts, etc. Dre and I are starting a new night – this time it is a weekly. Starting off on Thursdays, in this very sweet back room of a college bar – it is very private, we bring in everything – lights, sound, and have at it 🙁 The R Bar 23rd & Walnut is our new home. Stotle is our host !

Speaking of Stotle (of Local 13 fame) – he is planning a big big party for Philly – July 3rd – it’s Big Liberty!!!!

And, speaking of big parties – oh my – Dre and I did a party 0 the space was very nice and we expected about 500-600 people – we had an amazing line up, professional fliers designed and printed – promoted like crazy – had decor, snacks, everything – the night before, owner says there’s a problem, ne3xt day, still a no, so a friend came thru and we were able to move the party to Ulana’s (Thank you Ulana!)

It went well, and people really praised it, saying it was one of the best and couldn’t believe how good it would have been at the original spot (which was 18 plus – and unfortunately Ulanas is 21 and up)


But we did it – and it was a great ‘Experience’ 😉 www.TheExpierenceParty.com

What else – hmmm
well, Dre and I play a few times a month on Sundays at The Trenton Social – a foody arty place with a great bar, separate lounge area, guest chefs and art for sale. Then once a month we do a night at the BUZZ in Trenton – a very cool and quirky Euro style disco boite’ with delicious food, lights, booth, dancefloor..we have a Lot of fun there! Then we have our separate one off gigs – Dre does a lot of Latin & Spanish parties as well. The show on Burst Radio Detroit continues on Tuesdays 7-9pm ET – but I’m thinking of making it later and on a different day…..

All in all I have been playing a lot and often – many different kinds of venues and events – feels wonderful! Learning new tricks, trying new sounds, always trying to seduce that dancefloor to groove 🙂

whew – ok, your all caught up –
now go to mixcloud and mixcrate and listen to a few new mixes 🙂

here’s the front of The Winter Experience flier –
thewinterexperience_FRONT (1)