Oh my :/
Things got very very busy for me quite suddenly,
and this blog has become neglected!
If I spent as much time on here as I do on FaceBook and Twitter schmoozing, etc,
well, guess then I wouldn’t be in this ‘mess! lol 🙂
Yes – there are plug-ins – and that will be done,
including many new great things for my blog 🙂

Very grateful for the very interesting and unique gigs that I’ve been getting to
DJ at as myself and as the DJ team Brown/Sugar with my friend Dre Ovalle.
We have been dong great, many times having 3 gigs a week!

We have such a wide array of friends through out the area since Dre and I both cross many genre and scene boundaries. We really have no crew affiliations and we promote all great events 🙂 Thusly, recent gigs have seen us playing for the after dinner/speech crowd at a political fundraiser, closing act for a Saturday night of great live bands at the infamous Grape Room in Philly, playing funky bass music in the crazy dj booth at Red Sky Philly, doing a back2back all vinyl 2 1/2 hour set at the second installment of an underground night at Trenton’s best bar, The Trenton Social and doing a 2 hour dual Traktor set up (total 6 decks running) at Philadelphia’s longest running free outdoor dj party, Hang Free www.HangFree.org
That was all in the space of 2 weeks, plus I/we do the radio mix show every
Tuesday night 8pm-10pm on www.BurstRadio.net

ok, enough for now…
going to to to write more often.

oh…btw…I have had a terrible time with many electronics lately – i fried my mac, one cdj is in the shop because the cat knocked it over, and my once glorious phone is a mess…lol and oi — sometimes you are at the top of the roll and sometimes you start to get dragged under the boulder…just gotta let go and fight back. It sucks yea, but I have my records and one cdj, so ok then, i’ll manage for a bit.