Ohhhhh baby oh baby!

Before anything else, I’d like to announce my new streaming/download site for the mixes – https://hearthis.at/lindaleigh/
Lots of new ones there plus some of the older faves 🙂

I am now going to integrate my FaceBook feed on here since I make so many posts there! Yikes 🙂 It’s not that i forget about my ‘blog’ it’s just that life is unfolding around so quickly, and the feed keeps scrolling, and drama ensues, and then, awwwww, look at this cute cat video! 😛

Also, since at this point. there’s over 1,000 friends on my page and over 200 likes on my artists page, there’s more of a reach (right now) for promotion.

—-this is a post in progress, yes yes, I gotta play catch up 🙂
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