An old phrase of mine is “More Better Different”
It started out as a response to Rob asking me what I wanted to eat.
Now it comes in handy in all sorts of ways!

Today i use it as a question. People always like more, so there’s no problem there, and better is always very nice. But different? Thee are pockets of people who like different, know how to flow with that. But for the masses, something different is always regarded suspiciously until it has been sanctioned as acceptably approved by a large majority. This construct can also be used to explain a number of things.

Like music.
I read something somewhere the other day that explained how different sounds/frequencies in certain songs trigger our happy place and that’s why we hold on to them. They physically can make them happy. After that, I felt more understanding of the majority of people that want to hear the same music they hear all the time, out in a club. It doesn’t mean that I enjoy playing much of that music, and for that matter, any song over and over and over…lol, if I could stand it I’d be a wedding/bar mitvah dj then and really be raking in the bucks!

Staying a course, being known for that style, that sound…how long can you play out that string? If it’s a multi faceted one with a vibrant and loyal following, then that could be a long long time as you are more likely to feel able to move around and experiment a bit outside the box. House music comes to mind for this is a sound, a classic sound, a feeling good funky sound that moves people.

If it’s something like Techno…the focus narrows, and you must always be vigilant to changes in the nuances of the sound. The subtleties must be teased out and blended into a miasma of ecstasy.

You see where I’m going with this.
Now you have your club dj who is often an open format dj. The job is to rotate the different factions attending thru the dancefloor and then to the bars. It takes true skill to select and segue your way nimbly amongst dance genres all while keeping that floor in motion.

I have some new opportunities in an area of Philadelphia with heavy foot traffic in a highly desired age bracket. Getting them to just step foot in the door is a challenge in itself, keeping them there is the goal.

Let’s see how it goes 🙂 I’m willing and able to expand my playlist – I love seeing people happy and dancing, and love to see the club owner do well. This is real DJ werk, lol. Gonna blend some of what they like with some of what I like/they don’t know they like it yet 🙂