Yo! I’m feeling pretty jazzed right now 🙂
Just had an awesome Brown/Sugar DJ’s practice with Dre Ovalle tonight in my studio.
Looks like we found the sweet spot in our partnership. He does what he does best, and I do what I do best, crossing every genre and somehow it all blends together in a melange of floor moving funkaliciousness and bass!
We practiced 3x in the past week to get our sound tighter.
Saturday night we play the main room at Rho Waterfront Complex in Trenton, NJ
It’s a HUGE room!
very excited
all we gotta do is what we did tonight, and we are good 🙂

Our Sweet Second Saturday night at Red Sky Philly did Very well November 8th 🙂
We are anticipating December 13th by really digging even deeper for you!

I was going to start doing Fresh n’ Funky Fourth Fridays this month, but
it falls on Black Friday, sooooo –
That will start December 28th at Red Sky at 224 Market St in Philly.