Well, obviously I’m failing to [properly integrate all the social networking tools at my disposal. It’s not a problem with being active on them, for they are a very pleasant and convenient area for leisure, communication and sharing thoughts and ideas…thoughts and ideas which properly belong on my own blog is what I’m thinking, then have things fan out from there. I do worry about getting too repetitious with the same things appearing to largely the same audience :/ It’s fun to post different things on different site where maybe not all who follow you there do other places and so on. Confundions Yo! lol ;>

But! Good new! I’m killing it with the music! 🙂
Aw yes, Dre Ovalle and I are doing really great things as Brown/Sugar Dj’s and apart. He is also becoming quite skilled at 3d mapping and is currently renting out some of his lighting as part of a special exhibit at Mysteryland USA.

We continue to do Sunday House Social every Sunday (outdoors when the weather permits) at the lovely and hospitable Trenton Social in Trenton New Jersey on Pine Street.

Still on Burst Radio Detroit – playing live (click on chat cam link and join the room) from the Labor of Love studios every Tuesday 8pm-10pm ET (New York time)

Wednesdays hear Brown/Sugar Bumps! 13noon till 2pm on EDM JAM Radio!

We will be performing a large block of time at Trenton’s famous Art All Night celebration this Summer…details to follow!

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